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 Young Investigator Awards (YIA) of SFRR Asia 2015

Young Investigator Awards (YIA) of SFRR Asia 2015, open!
(Deadline: September 30, 2015)-->extended! October 20,2015

SFRR-Asia Young Investigator Award
The Society for Free Radical Research Asia (SFRR Asia) provides 8 awards for the young investigators attending the SFRR-Asia 2015 meeting.
An interested person (must be a member of SFRR Asia who pays annual fee regularly) is welcome to apply by sending the abstract that has already been submitted to SFRR-Asia 2015 together with CV (A4 sheet, 1 page, include the information of Date of Birth & Sex) to SFRR Asia Secretariat: within September 30, 2015.

 2014 Awardees


SFRR Asia Young Investigator Award 2014

"Informa Healthcare young investigator award"
  Toshihiro Kurahashi (Japan)
  Hironobu Yasui (Japan)

"SFRR Asia Young Investigator Award"
  Yusuke Kanda (Japan)
  Shinsuke Hisaka (Japan)

"Informa Healthcare prestigious poster award"
  Takaya Iida (Japan)
  Yusuke Horii (Japan)

"SFRR Asia Travel Award supported by Informa Healthcare"
  Christine Y.N. Chuang, Australia (Individual)
  Mi Jung Kim (Korea)

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