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About Us

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Dr. Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu
Prof. Yang Liu, MS,PhD
Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Beijing CHINA


Society for Free Radical Research

The Society promotes interest in all aspects of research into the reactions
and properties of free radicals and into their physical, chemical,
biological, medical and industrial roles.

SFRR International

Founded in 1982, and now with over 2800 members worldwide, the Society
consists of six autonomous regional groups: SFRR Asia, SFRR Europe, SFRR
Australasia, the Oxygen Society (Pan America), SFRR Africa, and SFRR ASEAN.

SFRR Asia Biennial Meetings
 1st 2003 November 6-8  Seoul, Korea
President: Myung-Hee Chung (Korea)

2nd 2005 June 24-29  Shanghai, China
President: Baolu Zhao (China)

3rd 2007 January 8-11   Lonavala, India
President: T.P.A. Devasagayam (India)

4th 2009 July 9-12   Langkawi, Malaysia
President: Kala Nesaretnam (Malaysia)

5th 2011 August 31 - September 4 Kagoshima, Japan
President: Hideyuki Majima (Japan)

6th 2013 October 16 - 19, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan
President: Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu (Taiwan)

7th 2015 November 29-December 2, Chiang Mai, Thailand
President:Maitree Suttajit (Thailand)

8th 2017 September 8-11, Xi'an, China
President: Jiankang LIU (China)

9th 2019 April 4-7, Kyoto, Japan
President: Yuji Naito (Japan)